Mike rosenberg let her go

Let Her Go

mike rosenberg let her go

"Let Her Go" is a song written and recorded by English singer-songwriter Passenger. It was recorded at Sydney's Linear Recording and co-produced by Mike Rosenberg (a.k.a. Passenger) and Chris Vallejo.

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Mike Rosenberg wasn't sure his moment would ever come. Or whether he even wanted it. Even now, with a new album, Whispers , dropping this week, Rosenberg still wonders whether being a hit-making singer is all its cracked up to be. So I guess, yeah, in my mind I probably would have had this album out a bit sooner. But I'm so glad that we had a bit more time because I ended up putting on a couple of different songs and kind of tweaking the other songs a little bit as well.

Passenger and Chris Vallejo. The song has achieved international success, topping the charts in many countries around the world, and has sold over one million digital copies in the UK, and over four million in the US as of July The lyrics of the song are poetic and melancholic, describing the regrets associated with ending a relationship. The verses give detailed scenes involving a heartbroken man dealing with his breakup. The second half of the final chorus is performed a cappella. Including acoustic guitar and vocals from Rosenberg, backing vocals, piano, drums, bass, and strings, the song is instrumentally diverse. The song is performed in the key of G major , played with a capo on the seventh fret of the guitar.

It was a surprise for the then unknown musician that his casually written song about the ending of a long relationship became No 1 in 18 countries worldwide. Now his new folk pop album, Whispers, has just entered the top five in the UK charts and, while it may not churn out another mega hit, Rosenberg is definitely here to stay. I meet Rosenberg in the street and help him drag the giant ice-hockey bag in which he keeps his guitars into the atrium of a building to do the interview. Despite his newfound success — his UK tour in November sees him play venues such as London's Hammersmith Apollo and O2 Dublin Arena — Rosenberg still busks to keep in touch with his fans, and for people who can't afford a ticket. On his new album Rosenberg, 30, who has a neat beard and polite demeanour, sings about love, death, growing up and getting old. His voice has a bewitching tone on "Let Her Go", with just a hint of chipmunk. I thought it was catchy and there was a poignancy to the lyrics, yes, but for it to be a global hit was inconceivable," Rosenberg tells me.

Michael David Rosenberg born 17 May , better known by his stage name Passenger , is an English singer-songwriter and musician.
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Mike Rosenberg likes to describe himself as "a normal bloke with a beard and a bad sense of humour. The rarefied charisma of a star would be his Kryptonite. English singer-songwriter Mike Rosenberg, who performs as Passenger. Credit: Jarrad Seng. The year-old was born and raised in Brighton, and moved back there after an itinerant decade in his '20s that took in busking years across Britain and Australia.

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Michael David Rosenberg (born 17 May ), better known by his stage name Passenger, His most successful single, "Let Her Go", has topped the charts in many During they formed the Mike Rosenberg Band, engaging Marcus.
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