Garcon de la rue milano

Les Garcons de la Rue

garcon de la rue milano

Brainsocket Studio @ Garcon de la Rue - Intro 1


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There was no mistaking the darkness of the free association going on in the forms of the clothesthough Kawakubo pushed the imagination of the audience to grasp at exactly what malign forces she was portraying. An excruciating soundtrack helped as an aural guide to the sight of women encased in black rubber armor with protruding hips and shoulder braces, nightmare peaked hoods, and ecclesiastical-seeming headdresses. Booms carrying movie lights zoomed in to loom aggressively over the women, throwing the complexities of the shapes and textures of their clothing into relief: strange cut-short farthingales, sleeves like banks of oil-slicked seaweed, dark Victorian taffeta ruffles, a puffball skirt uneasily hinting at the shape of an unexploded bomb. No doubt about it: The workmanship in these garments was phenomenalwhether in the sculptural rubber pieces, emitting their simultaneous signals of submarine hulls, or warheads and fetish dungeon, or the intensely layered 3-D embroideries. But who were these peoplea sinister cult reveling in the fruits of militaristic and environmental destruction, awarding themselves medals of brass coat hooks, gilt cherubs, and door latches? Was that a mea culpa from a representative of the fashion industrythe cobwebby fishnet puffball buoyed by plastic Bubble Wrap? All rights reserved.

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Les Garcons de la rue - Via Giuseppe Lagrange 1, Milan, Italy - Rated #haircut #style #capelli # #freedom #lesgarcons #milano #hair #style.
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You know the first time when you go out with somebody you fancy? You sniff them out. This happened to me the first time I visited Les Garcons de la Rue. After reading up on the place, I decided to try the salon. I arrived without an appointment at 10 am on a cold rainy day. It was love at first sight. Love for the environment for one thing.



In the Salon Les Garcons de la Rue, you can breathe in the international atmosphere while indulging in contemporary and personalised cuts and colours.
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  1. Introducing deconstruction, asymmetry and monochromatic schemes as a new paradigm of conceptual fashion, her creations have always maintained the reputation of "anti-fashion" and challenge to redefine the boundaries of beauty and fashion.

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