North face access pack

North Face's Access Pack was made for obsessive gadget lovers

north face access pack

Does this bag live up to the hype? Reviewing the Northface Accesspack

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Its new Access Pack is engineered to safely carry and provide quick access to all of your gadgets. The backpack excels at that—but not much else. When it comes to choosing a pack for carrying all of your work week necessities—think laptops, tablets, smartphones, and a nest of cables—any backpack large enough to handle your computer will suffice. But North Face has incorporated two killer features into its Access Pack that commuters are sure to appreciate: a rigid outer shell, and a large access panel that quickly opens wide at the push of a button. When the backpack first arrived at my house, this release mechanism worked just fine, but the fabric on the rear of the pack that needs to fold so the panel can fully open was a little stiff, requiring a bit of time for it to open, almost like it was happening in slow motion. Over time it has loosened up and now opens almost instantaneously, but you might find yourself frustrated for the first little while of using it.

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The North Face Access Pack is a no-nonsense, easy access commuter companion. Laptop compartment? A plethora of pockets? Daring design? Discover The Access Pack.

Review: The North Face’s Access Pack is a backpack design that fizzles

Backpacks are great for carrying stuff, but not so good at giving you easy access to that stuff thanks to their deep main compartments and floppy builds. The North Face Access Pack solves this issue with an innovative quick release latch that can be popped open with a single hand, letting you get at the contents while still holding on to the bag., The North Face Access Pack backpack is fully focused on modern commuting.

The North Face Access Pack :: Video Review

A lot of backpacks and messenger bags now come standard with padded laptop sleeves. Whether that's due to most people taking a notebook or tablet with them, I don't know, but laptop bags are a thing , with an increasingly wide range of prices, shapes and styles. The North Face Access Pack caught my attention for a couple of reasons. First, it's an established bag and apparel maker that's made something for people like me. The company already has several backpack designs with laptop sleeves -- and even battery packs -- built-in. It's in demand. So I demanded to try one.

Access 02 Initial Impressions VS 28 & 22L Access Pack - The North Face

Introducing The North Face Access Pack




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  1. Our tech backpack was made for modern day professionals. Discover how The North Face Access Pack streamlines morning commutes, from style to function to .

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