Auguri buon onomastico giovanna

Buon Onomastico, The Italian Name Day

auguri buon onomastico giovanna

Tantissimi Auguri di Buon Onomastico Giovanna!

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Have you ever noticed that many Italians have the same name and most of them are named after a Saint? As we all know, Italy is one of the country with Catholic customs, one of these is the celebration of the Onomastico or Name Day. In the southern part of Italy this custom is still very current. See who of your friends is celebrating their onomastico. Other common Italian names and their corresponding onomastico are: Adriana 8 luglio Alberto 15 novembre Aldo 10 gennaio Alessandra 20 marzo Alessandro 26 agosto Alfredo 14 agosto Andrea 30 novembre Angela 27 gennaio Angelo 2 ottobre Anna 26 luglio Bruno 6 ottobre Carlo 4 novembre Carmela 16 luglio Caterina 29 aprile Claudio 7 luglio Domenico 8 agosto Elena 18 agosto Enrico 13 luglio Francesca 9 marzo Francesco 24 gennaio Giorgio 23 aprile Giovanna 12 dicembre Giuseppe 19 marzo Laura 19 ottobre Lucia 13 dicembre Luciano 7 gennaio.

Auguri translation english italian dictionary reverso. How to say happy birthday in italian unsurprisingly, italian people love to have parties and to celebrate, and in particular they appreciate anniversaries and gifts! To wish someone a happy birthday, italian people will use the expression tanti auguri or buon compleanno. The complex meaning of the word "auguri" italy magazine. Happy birthday in italian.

John the Baptist. Italy has many such religious holidays celebrating saints and depending on location, it can be a full celebration with parades, fireworks and processions or it may be more subdued. By far, the biggest cities that celebrate the feast day of St. John is their patron saint. Just about every small town in Italy has a patron saint, which is celebrated at various times during the year, though most are during the summer months. Many businesses are closed on this day, as well as most public offices. A Mass, fireworks, parade, processions and other traditional festivities take place in these cities and families gather to celebrate their saint.

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Seguono poi anche il Piemonte e la Puglia, dove sono diffuse anche le varianti Gianna e Mariagiovanna. Oggi si festeggia S. Qui le persone erano solite radunarsi per ricevere il battesimo come segno di pentimento, espiazione dei peccati. Foto e video per Whatsapp per festeggiare l'onomastico del giorno. Il 17 febbraio si celebra la Festa nazionale del gatto.

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Tanti auguri a Elena e a tutte le Elena del web. Scusa il ritardo ma ieri non ho aperto il blog. Accipicchia a questo caldo la sera crollo e non accendo il pc.

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Facts About Italy and Italians Part 1. The capital city, Rome, belongs to the region of Lazio. Each region is further divided into areas called le province. Each provincia has a main town rather like a capital city for the area. Post codes and car number plates indicate the provincia to which they belong by using two letters, for example: PI belongs to the provincia of Pisa. SI belongs to Siena. VR belongs to Verona.

Besides their birthday, many Italians also celebrate their onomastico. The onomastico has a strong religious background and is a common observance in many Catholic countries. Usually, an Italian Catholic Calendar of Saints will feature the name of a religious figure throughout the entire year. In the past, many parents would name their newborn after the saint that appeared on the calendar on that exact day. For instance, if a baby boy were to be born on September 19, the day of San Gennaro San Januarius , he will be named Gennaro. It is not unusual for an Italian person to celebrate both the birthday and the name day at once.

La Festa di San Giovanni Battista



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