Chill like a villain

Chillin' Like a Villain

chill like a villain

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It's in the same urban family of "just chillin'" which is kind of like how a wine would chill not frozen, just simply appreciating in value as time passes.
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Let me tell you something you can really trust Everybody's got a wicked side I know you think that you could never be like us Watch and learn so you can get it right. You need to drag your feet You need to nod your head You need to lean back Slip through the cracks You need to not care. You wanna be cool Lemme show you how Need to break the rules I can show you how And once you catch this feelin'. Yeah, once you catch this feelin' You'll be chillin', chillin' Oh Chillin' like a villain. Your draw attention when you act like that Let us teach you how to disappear You look like you would lose a fight to an alley cat You gotta be wrong to get it right 'round here.

chillin' like a villain

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