Manchester united pes 2017

PES 2017 news: Konami unveils INCREDIBLE Man Utd and Liverpool player models

manchester united pes 2017

PES 2017 - Manchester United vs Manchester City - Lukaku Free Kick - UEFA Champions League

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This means United fans won't be stuck playing as 'Man Red', and will get to play games in a digital version of Old Trafford to boot. Unfortunately for Premier League fans, as this news was being announced it was revealed that Konami's deal with Liverpool to have Anfield and their players in PES has come to an end. While you'll still be able to play as Klopp's crew in your own private games, the team and licensed players won't be usable in any official PES esports events. Next year's game will also be the first under a new name, with 'Soccer' being dropped from the title. Officially called eFootball PES , the name is meant to be a nod to the heritage of Pro Evolution Soccer franchise while meaning they can stop saying 'soccer' in countries that call the Beautiful Game football. The Manchester United deal includes image rights for the players, with 3D-scanning tech used to bring them to life as accurately as possible in the game.

Konami have confirmed that Manchester United's player likenesses, club badge, club name, club kits and more will all be included in the new game. There will also be various United Legend players that you can use in-game, with David Beckham already confirmed as a Legend ahead of PES 's release. To follow Nathan on Twitter, click here. To follow Reach Gaming on Twitter, click here. To follow Nathan on Facebook, click here.

The PES Twitter feed has posted a side-by-side shot of various player faces from the upcoming game. Man Utd goalkeeper De Gea has been singled out for particular praise, with one fan asking if he had been scanned. Describing the selection as "some of the top player faces in PES ", Konami has promised to unveil more in the lead up to launch. The new features compliment the focus for the series, which is enjoying playing PES with friends. The demo is out now in the UK and other European territories, where it can be downloaded for free. The new game has adopted what it describes as the "Control Reality" ethos, which supposedly adds realistic new control elements.

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Man Red (Manchester United) PES Stats - Pro Evolution Soccer stats for all Manchester United players including Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and.
the sun newspaper page 3


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