Assassins creed freedom cry trophies

Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry

assassins creed freedom cry trophies

Assassin's Creed Freedom Cry Trophy List 12 Trophies Owners % Average.

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Remember Me? Standard This is the leaderboard everyone is used to. The points are calculated based on the number of trophies earned of each type. This leaderboard is similar to the main leaderboard, but the points are then adjusted based on the user's average trophy progress in their games. This leaderboard rewards players for getting difficult trophies. The points are based on the rareness difficulty of a trophy regardless of its type.

Cast off the shackles of oppression in Freedom Cry Standalone Edition! Did you like this? Like this Like this. I hope people enjoy this. Taking my time to finish the story since pirating as Ade is too much fun to end too soon. Pretty cool that it is a standalone game.

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Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding cheat under the "Cheats" option at the "Abstergo Challenges" menu. Note: Enabling a cheat will prevent trophies from being earned and the game from being saved. Proceed through the main missions until you have access to Sequence 2: Memory 3. Proceed through Sequence 2: Memory 3 until you reach the area where the three templars are standing around a table. The "Pickpocket All Templars" optional objective will appear while standing next to them. Pickpocket all three templars, then pause the game and select the "Reload Last Checkpoint" option.

Buy now from the Microsoft Store. Site version: 5. TrueAchievements Log in or Register Free. Freedom Cry. Firepower 29 15 Kill 5 guards at once with a blunderbuss. Author Solution TheDude , , There are 5 other Solutions for this achievement.

Assassins Creed 4: Blackbeards Wrath DLC outed by PS3 trophies, details inside

If you are a trophy hunter and have PlayStation plus, this game is a must. This game is super easy, especially for Assassin's Creed fans. I believe there are only 12 missions, most of which have easy bonus objectives of which you need to perfect the game , so it wouldn't take you long at all. Just play through the game normally, but try to do the bonus objectives. You can see these by pausing your game at any time during a mission, or by going to your progress tracker and choosing a mission. If you miss an objective, just reload whatever mission it's in after you beat the game.








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