Massachusetts institute of technology computer engineering

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

massachusetts institute of technology computer engineering

We combine the rigor of science, the power of engineering, and the thrill of EECS Professor Emeritus Fernando Corbato, MIT computing pioneer, dies at


It is privately owned and operated and is located in the city of Cambridge in the state of Massachusetts. The university was established during the industrial revolution to meet the demand for highly skilled workers, managers and entrepreneurs. The educational system at MIT is based on the polytechnic university model typical of European universities and emphasizes applied science and engineering based on laboratory instruction. They helped improve radar, computer, and inertial guidance systems for use in the war. The university experienced phenomenal growth after World War II due to the extensive post-war defense research conducted by its faculty. MIT is comprised of five schools and one college, which include 32 academic departments.

The terminology can be confusing, but the important thing to know is that we have many things you can learn through programs that are at the leading edge of their field. When you apply to MIT, you apply to the entire university, not to a specific major or school, so all first-year students begin MIT undeclared. As an administrative matter, MIT is organized into six schools :. However, at MIT, the focus is less on credentialing and more on the substance of what you need to learn to effectively solve problems that matter to you. You can skim the degree chart below to get a quick visual sense of what you can study at MIT, or read the catalog for the gory details. Your first year When you apply to MIT, you apply to the entire university, not to a specific major or school, so all first-year students begin MIT undeclared.

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Choose at least two subjects in the major that are designated as communication-intensive CI-M to fulfill the Communication Requirement. The units for any subject that counts as one of the 17 GIR subjects cannot also be counted as units required beyond the GIRs. See departmental website for list of acceptable EECS subjects. The PDF includes all information on this page and its related tabs.

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Massachusetts Institute of Technology School of Engineering

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Image courtesy of Dr Max on Flickr. Computation Structures.

Computer Science and Engineering (Course 6-3)

SoE has eight academic departments and two interdisciplinary institutes. The school is the largest at MIT as measured by undergraduate and graduate enrollments and faculty members. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.





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