Guadalajara is in which country

1992 Guadalajara explosions

guadalajara is in which country

Guadalajara is the capital and largest city of the Mexican state of Jalisco, and the seat of the municipality of Guadalajara.

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The city is in the central region of Jalisco in the Western-Pacific area of Mexico. With a population of 1,, inhabitants, [1] it is Mexico's second most populous municipality. Guadalajara is the 10th largest Latin American city in population, [12] urban area [12] and gross domestic product. Other, more traditional industries, such as shoes, textiles and food processing are also important contributing factors. Guadalajara is a major Mexican cultural center, as it is considered by most to be the home of the famous mariachi genre of music, and plays host to a number of large-scale cultural events such as the Guadalajara International Film Festival , the Guadalajara International Book Fair , and other globally renowned cultural events which draw international crowds. It is home to C.

It was named after Nezahualcoyotl , the Acolhua poet and king of nearby Texcoco , and was built on the drained bed of Lake Texcoco. Until the 20th century, the land on which Ciudad Neza sits was under Lake Texcoco and uninhabited. Successful draining of the lake in the early 20th century created new land, which the government eventually sold into private hands. However, public services such as adequate potable water, electricity and sewerage were lacking until after the area was made an independent municipality in This has led to a new Mexican subculture in the area. The entity has an Aztec glyph as well as a coat of arms. The glyph depicts the head of a coyote, tongue outside the mouth with a collar or necklace as a symbol of royalty.

Pick your preferred language. We speak English and 42 other languages. Enter dates to get started. One of our top picks in Guadalajara. All include a living area, where there is satellite TV and a sofa. The kitchens have a dining area. There is a selection of cafes, bars and restaurants in the center of Guadalajara, just over 1 miles from the hotel.

Club Deportivo Guadalajara S. Guadalajara is one of the ten founding members of the Mexican First Division and is one of only two teams that have never been relegated to the second-tier division.
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Jalisco is divided into municipalities , and its capital city is Guadalajara. Jalisco is one of the most important states in Mexico because of its natural resources as well as its history. The state is home to two significant indigenous populations, the Huichols and the Nahuas. There is also a significant foreign population, mostly retirees from the United States and Canada, living in the Lake Chapala and Puerto Vallarta areas. Jalisco is made up of a diverse terrain that includes forests, beaches, plains, and lakes. There are also 7, species of veined plants.

Guadalajara metropolitan area

Located roughly 60 kilometres 37 miles northeast of Madrid , the city straddles the Henares River. As of [update] it has a population of 86, which makes it the region's second most populated municipality.


A series of ten explosions took place on April 22, , in the downtown district of Analco Colonia Atlas in Guadalajara city, Jalisco state, Mexico. Numerous gasoline explosions in the sewer system and fires over four hours destroyed 8 kilometres 5. By the accounting of Lloyd's of London , the reported number of people killed was about people although many estimate that the catastrophe actually caused at least deaths. The affected areas can be recognized by the more modern architecture in the areas that were destroyed. Four days before the explosion, residents started complaining of a strong gas-like smell coming from the sewers which became progressively more pungent over the course of those days. They were experiencing symptoms such as stinging in their eyes and throats; and nausea.






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