Mozart piano concerto 20 in d minor

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mozart piano concerto 20 in d minor

The Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor, K. , was composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in The first performance took place at the Mehlgrube Casino.

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Composed: Length: c. But his music was, in the general estimation, too courtly, too innocent, hardly able to reflect the world as they saw it. They were unable to read between the lines, so to speak, and their store of biographical information was limited, to say the least. In the main Schumann, Berlioz, Chopin, etc. Nonetheless, 19th-century audiences and composers were mad about his Piano Concerto in D minor, K. And we can assume that they appreciated as well the Piano Concerto in C minor, K. Because neither work is happy, or serene, or smoothly sculpted, with the exception of the lighthearted final pages of K.

Mozart completed this work on February 10, , and played the first performance the next evening in Vienna.
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Nowadays, it seems that everyone loves Mozart, whose genius spanned all genres from opera and symphony to chamber music and solo sonatas. Yet, those with the most sophisticated taste tend to revere his piano concertos above all else. Among the 23 he produced in his prime, none has aroused as much enthusiasm through the ages as the Piano Concerto 20 in d-minor, K. The term "concerto" refers generally to a work that displays the possibilities of two different instrumental groups, both individually and together. The earliest arose in Italy and were built on the contrast between solo strings the continuo and the full ensemble the ripieno. Their form followed that of the four-movement symphony but without the customary dance movement, which seemed unsuitable to the central feature of contrasted elements, thus leaving a substantial opening movement, a restful interlude, and an energetic finale.

The Piano Concerto No. The first performance took place at the Mehlgrube Casino in Vienna on 11 February , with the composer as the soloist. A few days after the first performance, the composer's father, Leopold , visiting in Vienna, wrote to his daughter Nannerl about her brother's recent success: "[I heard] an excellent new piano concerto by Wolfgang, on which the copyist was still at work when we got here, and your brother didn't even have time to play through the rondo because he had to oversee the copying operation. It is written in the key of D minor. Other works by the composer in that key include the Fantasia K. It is the first of two piano concertos written in a minor key No. The young Ludwig van Beethoven admired this concerto and kept it in his repertoire.

Piano Concerto No. 20 in D minor, K. 466




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