Star trek voyager ita torrent

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star trek voyager ita torrent

USS Voyager: 10 Little Known Features (Star Trek)

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Star Trek: Renegades is a fan film based upon the Star Trek franchise. The story concerns a group of criminals and misfits assembled to undertake a covert mission when suspicion arises that the official military chain of command has been compromised by enemy agents. The film was largely funded through crowdsourcing , and the film's producers claimed they were going to submit it to CBS as a spec TV pilot. The completed pilot film was released for public viewing via YouTube beginning August 24, Plans were announced for a Renegades web -based series, [3] but in the overt Star Trek elements were removed to avoid legal complications. Ten years after the starship Voyager ' s return from the Delta Quadrant , the Federation is in a crisis. The Federation's main suppliers of dilithium crystals the primary catalyst for the fuel used in faster-than-light travel are disappearing.

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Is there no-one willing to help out with this torrent?. I personally know more people that torrent than buy shows off iTunes, so NBC should Please wait while Details. VideoMovies, Disc 4 2 Download Star Trek Voyager Season 2 on rapidshare. Bit games, music, movies, and more torrent daily.

Sign in. Voyager is trapped in orbit above a strange planet where time passes thousands of times faster than in the surrounding galaxy. As the population of the planet evolves Voyager becomes an integral part About to enter Borg space, Voyager finds a threat so devastating that even the Borg cannot deal with it. Voyager finds a solution to combat the invader of Borg space. All Captain Janeway asks is free passage through their territory and Voyager will share their knowledge. Watch now.

Sign in. To save the Federation in a critical scheme, Sisko comes to realize that he must violate its fundamental principles to do so. Sisko tells two men from Temporal Investigations how he and his crew went back in time to when Captain James Kirk of the first Starship Enterprise exposed a Klingon spy with the help of Tribbles. Melanie, an aspiring writer, wants to know why Jake Sisko stopped writing at Jake tells how his father died in an accident and then suddenly reappeared.

Star Trek: Voyager


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