Concerto alessandra amoroso 2017

J-Ax and Fedez in concert at the Palapartenope in Naples for the Communists with the Rolex Tour

concerto alessandra amoroso 2017

Alessandra Amoroso Dall' Arena di Verona Amore Puro 19-05-2014

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In February of the Fedez declared in an interview to be at work with the rapper to prepare an album containing thirty songs. Initially, the tour was due to start in March, but since their new album will be released on 20 January, the artists have decided to anticipate it. The two rappers will make you listen to their great successes and the unpublished writings during the trips around the country. You will listen to the single from Fedez in collaboration with J-Ax , entitled "Absinthe", which also saw the participation of Stash of The Colors and Levante. With the release of the Communist disc with the Rolex they will also launch their new single in which the Milanese duo duet with the Apulian artist Alessandra Amoroso.

By maggie , December 21, in Before the Show. There's no official mention of it. And I would have thought The Voice live rounds would be taking place around that time. So maybe we need a Gig Rumours thread. And we couldn't cope either. You got to admire his consistency. But after ten years we should be used to it.

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Nelson Mandela Forum , formerly Palazzetto dello sport di Firenze and Palasport , is an indoor sports arena that is located in Florence, Italy. It was inaugurated in In the arena was renamed to Nelson Mandela Forum. The seating capacity of the arena is 7, people for basketball games, [2] [3] and the maximum capacity for rock concerts, with general admission tickets, is 8, people. It was the home arena of the Italian basketball club Pool Firenze Basket, before the club's relegation to the minor leagues in It is the home venue of women's volleyball club Il Bisonte Firenze since The structure is property of the city of Florence and is managed, since , by the Associazione Palasport Nelson Mandela Forum under a year management agreement.

Alessandra Amoroso

ALESSANDRA AMOROSO Live - Concerto Audio Arena di Verona




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