Slam dunk contest 2017

Glenn Robinson III takes the 2017 Slam Dunk contest title

slam dunk contest 2017

(All 2015 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest Dunks) LaVine KILLS IT!

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Analysis Robinson wasn't always spectacular, but his steady performance earned him the honor of dunk champion. Robinson did deliver a pair of 50s, for dunking over multiple people including Indiana teammate Paul George while double clutching for added visual impact. He grazed his head on the rim on his first dunk, then capped a win that was already in the bank by going over George, Pacers mascot Boomer and Indiana's All-Star dancer and taking the ball from George on one side of the hoop to reverse dunk on the other side. In between, Robinson got a score of 41 for making a between the legs with a late eye cover -- either a dab or a tribute to Dee Brown winning the dunk contest -- and a 44 for a windmill off George's shoulders in his first dunk of the finals. Derrick Jones Jr. Suns Forward Grade: B-plus.

I used to say that the dunk contest was dead. Most of the modern dunks are rehashes of old ones. The event has plateaued. That all changed in , when Zach LaVine made me care again , and in when Lavine and Aaron Gordon turned in the best performance since the Jordan-Wilkins duel. Entering , we actually care: Aaron Gordon returns to the event he almost won a year ago , and while Gordon has to be the favorite, Derrick Jones Jr. First, we tried to get a broad picture of what the average winner looks like, in terms of both physical and basketball attributes.

Zach LaVine. Last year, Gordon displayed never-before seen throw downs, capped off by a ridiculous under-the-legs, over-the-mascot dunk which many believed was enough to secure the title.
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With Aaron Gordon struggling in the first round, Robinson quickly made his mark on the event with a vertically challenged dunk. This proved to not be difficult for Robinson as he easily skied over the mini-human tower:. Robinson struggled with his second attempt, which ended up being a dab dunk. The dunk itself was well done but his repeated miss attempts penalized him as he only got a Robinson, though, closed the contest out in style. Bringing George back out and two other assistants, Robinson did an impressive reverse two-handed jam after jumping over the trio:.

After Jones was awarded a 50 for his second dunk of the final, giving him a two-dunk total of 87, Robinson knew where the bar was set. He needed just 43 to tie and 44 to win. With the pressure on his shoulders, Robinson used three people, including Paul George for a second time, to jump over and execute an awe-inspiring reverse dunk that netted him a perfect score and the victory. Thaddeus Young, Robinson's teammate in Indiana, offered a hearty congratulations to the newly crowned Slam Dunk champion:. With the hip-hop star holding the ball in his left hand and a selfie stick in his right hand, the Clippers center was able to throw it down on his first attempt:. Robinson's first dunk set the tone for his victory. However, it didn't set the tone for the rest of the dunkers, as the big names in the contest struggled to find the right balance between creativity and execution.

As a result of the ABA—NBA merger later that year there would not be another slam dunk contest at the professional level until The contest has adopted several formats over the years, including, until , the use of fan voting, via text-messaging, to determine the winner of the final round. The very first slam dunk contest was won by Larry Nance Sr. There was a format each competitor had to follow in which they must attempt 5 dunks in a row under two minutes. One from a standing position, one from a distance of ten feet away from the basket which is basically the bottom of the semi circle that surrounds the free throw line in the Key.


The NBA Slam Dunk Contest is an annual National Basketball Association (NBA) competition .. 2, Seattle Supersonics/Oklahoma City Thunder, 2, Indiana Pacers, 2, Toronto Raptors, 2, Chicago Bulls, 2, Golden State Warriors,
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