Best sex toys 2017

What Are The Best Sex Toys For Women? 17 Innovative Products To Try Now

As the season of giving approaches, keep an eye on the best sex toys. From the Magic Wand to the We-Vibe Sync, there's something for.

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Aside from the fact that orgasms are, well, orgasms , we had plenty of reasons to pick as the year we kicked off Glamour's Sex Toy Awards. Sex tech is predicted to be a multi-billion dollar industry by , and more women than ever are launching their own companies to challenge how we view our sexual health. It seems like every other week we're talking about a new, woman-run start-up that's getting frank about sex and how we have it. And since 44 percent of women between the ages of 18 and 60 admit to having used a sex toy , right now seemed like the perfect time to go deep on something that impacts a lot of us. Below, you'll find our experts' picks for the best vibrators, accessories, and more— from the latest sexy tech innovations to the all-time classic "Cadillac of vibrators. First things first: Do vibrators always have to look so damn explicit? Who among us hasn't forgotten to put things away properly now and again?

Bringing a sex toy into bed with your partner is one of the most exciting things you can do for your sex life. Sex toys are supposed to be fun! They bring you closer to both your partner and orgasm. What could be so wrong about about that? Come one, come all! The best sex toys for couples of have been selected and are ready for your wallet and clitoris.

So you probably need a closet full of vibrators too. The only bad thing about sex-toy shopping is that there are a lot of options. At less than 60 bucks, this simple and straightforward vibe from OhMiBod packs a lotta punch. Seven different vibration options make this a good choice for a first or fiftieth no judgment here sex toy. The red shaft on the Rosy vibe from Toyfriend is actually super flexible, so you can bend it any which way and stimulate any which parts you want.

Wow, can you believe another year has gone by again!? My collection has quickly gone from just a few, to triple digits, and I am so thankful to all my readers and the amazing companies who support me! It was a lot of work and pretty difficult, but I got through it eventually with great marks, and I am glad I did it. It did mean that reviews this year were few and far between, but ultimately it has led to me feeling a lot more capable of tackling the blogging world, so I believe it will be worth it in the long run. The good news is that I am now done with studying for the first time in my life. My plans for the year are to hopefully get a part-time job and begin working freelance on my Graphic Design and the blog, meaning I should be far more active this year. Nothing is set in stone yet, so please wish me luck as I begin this new journey.

The 7 Best Couples Sex Toys of 2018

I'm also someone whose job it is to write about sex and consequently, I get sent a lot of sex toys. Needless to say, I have developed a kind of a sex toy hoarding habit and have tried my fair share of sex toys and have opinions about them.

From the toys you feel OK leaving out to classics everyone loves, our panel of experts picked only the best for Glamour's first-ever Sex Toy.
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