Shimano dura ace 2017 prezzo

Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 and R9150 Di2 groupsets: all you need to know

shimano dura ace 2017 prezzo

The jewel of Shimano's mechanical groupset range, the Dura Ace R model has been re-engineered for optimum weight savings, efficiency, and performance. Dura-Ace R 2x11sp STI Shifter Set. Dura-Ace R speed Braze-On Front Mech.

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Shimano has unveiled details of their top-tier Dura-Ace groupset with some exciting developments pushing towards greater efficiency and easier operation. This is the 10th edition of the industry leading Dura-Ace groupset and the most innovative and functional yet. The groupset gets some unique upgrades as well as the standard 'less weight, greater stiffness' improvements. Two mechanical versions referred providing either rim-brakes and hydraulic disc brakes options, these are R and R respectively. And two electronic Di2 versions also providing either rim-brakes and hydraulic disc brakes options, respectively known as R and R

This is the 4th version of electric shifting for Shimano, it's going to be years before the other brands are able to refine and innovate like Shimano has, perhaps they never will. Di2 as we know it might well be the most reliable of all groups on the market. The junction box is now available in three versions and can be hidden in the frame, handlebar or the traditional under stem mount. Some part of the new system is wireless the EW-WU wireless transmitter unit, in combination with two new battery options allow connectivity to iOS and Android devices. With use of Shimano's free app and the Shimano power meter it promises to be the ultimate system for any high end road machine.

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Bench tests have already shown the current Dura-Ace version to be one of the stiffest available and these new, bigger dimensions should only further that advantage. Making its first appearance on the road is the Direct Mount standard for attaching rear derailleurs that Shimano introduced in , with presumably the same claimed benefits: a stiffer foundation for improved shifting performance and less chance of frame damage in a crash, and faster wheel changes since the rear-angled hanger leaves more room for the wheel and cassette to slide down and out. It should be a straightforward process for bike companies that currently use bolt-on derailleur hangers to adapt to Direct Mount, but as on the mountain side, there will almost certainly be an additional link provided for use with traditional setups for backward compatibility. The new Dura-Ace Di2 rear derailleur itself bears some major changes, too, such as the longer pulley cage or at least the option for a longer one that should be able to handle a larger rear sprocket than the current version possibly even as big as 30T. Further supporting the increased capacity is what appears to be a more sharply angled slant on the parallelogram. Not much can be discerned about the cassette construction but at least for the size depicted, Shimano is continuing to use a mix of titanium and steel sprockets, likely on some type of aluminium and carbon composite spider.

Shimano today announced the much-anticipated redesign of its workhorse Ultegra groupset. In typical Shimano fashion, the new Ultegra R groupset is a close cousin to its Dura-Ace R big brother in terms of both design and functionality, including the same updated four-arm crankset design, enhanced Di2 electronic shifting capabilities, and finally true Ultegra-branded hydraulic disc brake controls and calipers in both mechanical and electronic variants. This time around, Shimano has at long last added proper Ultegra-branded levers and calipers to fill things out. Both hydraulic lever bodies are smaller in diameter and shorter in reach than before, bringing it more inline with other Shimano levers. The shifter paddles have been enlarged across the board for easier access while in the drops, too, and the Di2 buttons now have stronger clicks for more tactile feedback. Rubber hoods also gain a textured finish for improved grip across the board. Whereas Shimano has managed to make the latest Dura-Ace mechanical Dual Control levers look nearly identical for both rim- and disc brake setups, the new Ultegra ST-R lever at right may still come across as a bit bulky to some.

With just a couple weeks to go before Eurobike and a slew of new tech and details, Shimano has given us a bit of a preview into the expected pricing for their new top-tier road groupset that we first saw a month and a half back. Have a look back at our detailed first look at the groupset when it was unveiled here. Wow, this seems way less expensive than the previously reported cost. Either way, this is definitely a price decrease. Price Decrease? Those are huge differences.

Shimano Dura-Ace 2017 - Ten Things to Know

Integrated power meter, hydraulic disc braking and synchronised shifting. By Oli Woodman.

Shimano Ultegra R8000 vs Dura-Ace 9100: What are the main differences?

Shimano Dura-Ace is intended to be the best groupset you can buy. Dura-Ace typically exists within a four-year product cycle, which gives you an idea of how much engineering and testing goes into the finished product. We are periodically treated to a new updated version which culminates in a grand launch somewhere exotic. In terms of excitement and expectation, it is the cycling equivalent of Willy Wonka revealing his latest chocolate bar. Here is our review of the mechanical version Dura-Ace R A review of the new Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 R will follow once we have had the chance to properly test it. The angles and edges are much sharper too, something that is particularly apparent on the rear derailleur.

Most of the differences between the two groupsets really comes down to materials. Shimano freely admits it had to hit a price point with Ultegra, and that meant swapping out some higher end materials for some slightly bulkier, less expensive options. For starters, there are differences in the Di2 shifters. For example,the brackets of the Ultegra model made of a glass fibre resin, whereas Dura-Ace is made with a carbon fibre resin. Interestingly, Ultegra actually receives a greater amount of free stroke adjustment than the Dura-Ace model, meaning riders should be able to get a more comfortable set up.




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