Giant tcr advanced pro 1 2017

2017 Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 - Medium

giant tcr advanced pro 1 2017

Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 2018 Road Bike

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TCR Advanced Pro. Models Highlights Gallery Tecnologie. Conquer the toughest climbs. Descend with confidence. Lightweight, stiff and ultra-efficient, this composite machine delivers pure road performance. Highlights Climbing, descending, cornering and sprinting—the award-winning TCR Advanced Pro gives you every advantage on the road. Through superior engineering and composite manufacturing, the proven Advanced-grade composite frame minimizes weight without sacrificing its best-in-class stiffness.

Climbing, descending, cornering and sprinting—the award-winning TCR Advanced Pro gives you every advantage on the road. Through superior engineering.
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By Simon Withers. The TCR is one of the longest-standing designs in road cycling, and though a lot has changed since its birth in the mids, its creator, British designer Mike Burrows, would probably still recognise his work. As with some of the original models it comes with an aero seatpost, which Burrows considered an important part of the aerodynamics armoury. As is often the case with Giant , the TCR scores immediately with its components. Shifting and braking are faultless, and it shaves a few grams compared with its slightly lesser stablemate. This contributes to impressive control, quick and precise whatever the circumstances. Its stiffness and more compact frame make for a rewarding climb, and it descends with nigh-on perfect control.

TCR Advanced Pro 1

Giant Bicycles need no introduction., United States.

Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 Review

Why Giant? Two main reasons. So why did I choose a TCR specifically? Easy answer to these ones. Weight and mechanics. To me, a TCR is a lightweight climbing bike and to put heavy discs or electronic shifting on to it would only blunt its primary purpose and character. The frame a Medium size for me , fork and steerer tube are all full carbon composite, using Toray carbon fibre.







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  1. Fans of the previous TCR generation will be glad that the geometry of this new TCR has remained very much unchanged though with a couple of performance tweaks made.

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